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One stop Flexi & Online Work Platform

Why be an AakPro?

  • Find Earning Ways despite practical odds.
  • Work Flexibly per your preferences.
  • Help others succeed, whenever you can spare some time.
  • Leverage opportunities & your true potential!
Refer Someone!

Online/Flexi Work Categories

Buy-Sell Assistance

Hiring Assistance, Job Referrals

Assisted Match Making

Background Verification

Conduct Primary Surveys

Assist in Blood Needs/Donation

Information, Market Research

and adding..

Why AakPro Platform?

  AakPro.net is one of our humble initiatives
to address
'Unemployment', 'Unemployability',
Societal Development
and see a more
'Content' & Egalitarian Society overall,
with time..

Thank you for the patronage!

At this point, we are running invitation and direct communication campaigns with early members and relevant profiles for AakPro flexi work opportunities.

If you (or your referral) have (has) already registered, we should be in touch soon through emails, calls and guiding (you) on how to use and leverage the platform.

Please do feel assured of we being a bit useful and helpful soon for everyone and invite you to regsiter as a member and be benefited in the future as an early adopter.

We are at pre-beta (with online tools) at the moment. We will keep our registered members updated, timely.